10  must-see optical illusions that will blow your mind 

Impossible Triangle: Also known as the Penrose triangle, it's a two-dimensional drawing that appears to be a three-dimensional object. It's physically impossible to construct. 2. 

 Ebbinghaus Illusion: Two identical circles are surrounded by circles of varying sizes. The circle surrounded by smaller circles appears larger than the one surrounded by larger circles, even though they are the same size.

 The Hollow Face Illusion: A concave mask appears as a normal convex face when viewed from a specific angle, despite the fact that the hollow part is facing towards the viewer.

The Spinning Dancer: An animation of a silhouette spinning dancer that can be perceived as spinning in either direction, depending on the viewer's perception.

The Ames Window: An optical illusion that creates the perception of a window that seems to change its shape and rotate in an impossible manner as it moves.

The Moiré Effect: When two similar patterns are overlaid slightly askew, a new pattern emerges with an illusion of movement or depth.

 The Thatcher Illusion: A photograph of a face appears normal when upright but grotesque when inverted, especially the eyes and mouth. This effect is not noticeable when the image is upside down.

The Necker Cube: A wireframe cube that appears to flip in orientation spontaneously, despite remaining unchanged.

The Grid Illusion: Straight lines in a grid appear to be bent or distorted due to the positioning of nearby lines.

 The Moving Mona Lisa: An image of the Mona Lisa with eyes that appear to follow the viewer as they move around the room, despite being a static painting.

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