10 Easy DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Life Greener

Perhaps you've carefully considered each plant in your garden and now want to focus on making your yard more attractive, or you need assistance organising your gardening supplies.  

We've gathered some of our favourite DIY garden projects, including a succulent wreath and a pallet potting bench. Now grab your gloves and get started.  

Bring the desert to your garden in small. To add whimsical charm to this miniature succulent garden, we incorporated an arbour, a chair, a cat, and a wheelbarrow, but you may use any figurines you choose for this delightful DIY garden project.  

Miniature Succulent Garden

Create your own terrarium to garnish a desk, act as a centrepiece for a dining table, or add life to any room in your home, as long as it is well-lit and away from a substantial heat source, such as a radiator or fireplace.  

Terrarium DIY Garden Project

Casting concrete can be arduous. So why not skip that step and instead use pavers to create a DIY garden? Our simple video shows you how to create inexpensive concrete planters with clean lines and a modern look for your yard.  

Concrete Paver Planter

Bottle-feed your favourite winged companions. Instead of throwing away glass bottles, use them to make a basic bird feeder that you can fancy up with a charm or bracelet hanging off the copper wire wrapping.   

Bottle Bird Feeder

A framed succulent installation can add a touch of live art to your home. This vertical garden requires very little water, making it an easy item to maintain.  

Living Succulent Picture

Love the beauty of a hanging plant but don't know where to begin? This hanging wooden basket container garden is a do-it-yourself garden project that can be constructed in any size and with any plant you want.   

Hanging Wooden Basket Container Garden

This small herb garden takes less than an hour to build. It's extremely easy: Fill a wooden box or seed flat with dirt, plant your favourite herbs, and add small stones for adornment.  

Miniature Herb Garden

Tired of the same old orange terracotta pots? Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy has some makeover advice for upgrading your garden containers. Your pots will look like works of art rather than mundane objects. 

Terra-Cotta Pot Makeover

The nicest part about these DIY garden projects is that each marbleized pot will have a distinct appearance. Create a marble pattern on a terra-cotta pot and saucer by lightly swirling paints, then fill with soil and your favourite container flowers.  

Marbleized Pot

A succulent wreath is suitable for every season; it takes minimal maintenance and provides an unusual texture to your entrance (or even your garden gate). Make one of these for indoor or outdoor usage.  

Succulent Wreath

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