Visual illusion: Can You Find the Comb in the Library in 7 Seconds? 2

The term “illusion” originates from the Latin verb “illudere,” which meaning “to mock or fool.” The name “illusion” was originally derived from this verb. It is possible to employ optical illusion images as fundamental tests in order to ascertain a person’s mental and visual acuity. These images have been meticulously crafted to alter human perception.

For the purpose of investigating the complexity of the brain and the method in which our brains interpret the world that surrounds us, neuroscientists frequently employ these images as a medium in order to conduct their research.

Visual illusion Can You Find the Comb in the Library in 7 Seconds 2
Visual illusion Can You Find the Comb in the Library in 7 Seconds 2

In this day and age, one of the most popular activities for people who use the internet is to solve puzzles that include optical illusions. In addition, it has the capacity to improve one’s ability to solve problems and to enhance one’s ability to think in a lateral manner, in addition to being engaging in situations that involve nature and the outdoors.

A situation that takes place in a library, where students are studying with a great deal of attention, is depicted in this snapshot.

Along with the books, the picture also includes a comb as a representation of the subject.

Within a course of seven seconds, the readers are entrusted with the duty of identifying the hidden comb that is located within the library.


Because of the difficulty of this challenge, your visual acuity will be put to the test.

When it comes to the comb, the only people who will be able to find it with their keen eyes are readers who are exceptionally perceptive.

Are you even remotely familiar with it?

Visual illusion Can You Find the Comb in the Library in 7 Seconds 2
Visual illusion Can You Find the Comb in the Library in 7 Seconds 2

Upon initial inspection, the comb is hardly discernible to the naked eye because it has been merged into the picture in such a smooth manner that it is almost impossible to spot.

Perform a thorough examination of the photograph, paying close attention to every single component of it, for the very final time.

It is the readers who have already seen the comb who are the ones who have the most capacity for observation.

In the case that some of you are still having problems identifying the comb, there is no need to continue your search any further because the solution is presented here.It is imperative that you do not overlook the fact that you should give some of the additional difficulties that are included in the section that is recommended reading a shot before you depart.


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